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    English camp on the farm!

  • Romantic weddings on the farm czech republic

    Romantic weddings on the farm

Welcome to our family friendly TerraFarma

Our super Team

Ing. Vaclav Travnicek

is Czech and is fluent in both Czech and English. Vaclav is a skilled tradesman: from design to execution. Although working in wood is his preference. Vaclav can also be found in the kitchen, as he is not only the farm handy man, but an accomplished cook! From animal processing, to making bread, to fixing fences, Vaclav is able to do it all. With his gifts and talents, he is a natural teacher and able to break down learning into essential steps to allow students to be successful in acquiring new skills.

Ma. Bethany Staneland

Is a Canadian and a native English speaker who moved to the Czech Republic with her husband, Vaclav Travnicek in 2012. She has a Masters Degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University, Canada and over 12 year of experience facilitating youth based programs. With personal interests in: farming, heritage crafts and sustainable living, running an experiential learning center is a natural fit for her. Bethany has been a teacher of the English language for the last three years with Canadian immigrants and currently with Czech students.


One week on Terra Farma.

A one week, when you learn english and try something other than normally!

Open Farm day!

Do you want to see our farm? You can came at February 28.