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About Us

About us

We are an educational farm in which we produce our own food, offer English courses, camps, accommodation and farm rental. We teach students where food comes from and how it gets to our table, all about goat's milk, cheese making, bread baking and plant growing. The farm has belonged to our family for 4 generations and we farm on 6 hectares of land. We produce our own milk, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Everything is organic. Our farm is in a beautiful location, surrounded by forests and meadows. We are 1 hour drive from Prague, easily accessible by public transport.

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Terra Farma


Terra Farma - English course on farm

The Central Bohemian farm educates children, teaches them to dig potatoes or kill rabbits. Some don't even know the basics

Today's world is increasingly returning to farming, as it did in earlier years. Terra Farma is an experimental educational farm in Chraštice, Central Bohemia, which grows its own food and teaches students where the food actually comes from, what it contains and how to grow plants, produce cheese or bake bread. The farm is managed by Ing. Václav Trávníček and his wife Ma. Bethany Staneland, originating in Canada. The owner of the farm, Václav Trávníček, spoke to us about the beginnings of the farm, its mission and plans for the future. What is the magic of this homestead?
Terra Farma - English course on farm

Agroturism - vacation on the farm

The memories of the grandmother's and grandpa's holidays in the countryside, where hens were running in the courtyard and the surrounding meadows were dotted with sheep, are remembered by many of us. At the fast pace of today's technology society, we like to return to the glimpses of carefree times in nature and to a simple lifestyle in our free time. This is one of the reasons why holiday farms are increasingly promoting the addresses of simple farms and farms, which, within the framework of popular agritourism, offer us a few days of fresh air in the arms of nature.

Our Team

Ing. Vaclav Travnicek

is Czech and is fluent in both Czech and English. Vaclav is a skilled tradesman: from design to execution. Although working in wood is his preference. Vaclav can also be found in the kitchen, as he is not only the farm handy man, but an accomplished cook! From animal processing, to making bread, to fixing fences, Vaclav is able to do it all. With his gifts and talents, he is a natural teacher and able to break down learning into essential steps to allow students to be successful in acquiring new skills.

Ma. Bethany Staneland

Is a Canadian and a native English speaker who moved to the Czech Republic with her husband, Vaclav Travnicek in 2012. She teaches English and farms. She has earned a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University and has been teaching youth-oriented English since 2010. With personal interests in: farming, heritage crafts and sustainable living, running an experiential learning center is a natural fit for her. Bethany has been a teacher of the English language for the last four years with Canadian immigrants and currently with Czech students.


17/004/06110/120/000310 Young Farmer, Bethany Staneland

In our project we renovated small bio family farm by purchasing tracktor, building new fence, building animal barns and polytunnel.